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Facing the Storm
Facing the Storm

by Dawn DelVecchio

We do this not by acts of war or polarization, but by FEARLESSLY standing in the TRUTH – that we ARE the Love and the Light we wish to see in the world.

As we near the end of 2023 we can feel the quickening of energies - the unravelling of that old system which is leaning more and more into fear in order to keep a lid on the power of our Light.

It is time to rise now. It is time to stand strong, as fearless warriors of LoveLight. It is time to face the storm like the American Bison, knowing that running only prolongs the maelstrom.

From the place of Sovereignty as Divine Children of the ONE, we command our space, protect our minds, and care for our Eternal Soul.

NOW is the time to clear out the hooks, the old triggers, the energetic drains, patterns and "dust bunnies" of the old consciousness.

As we stand between the gates of the eclipse portal, we can succumb to the tricks of divide & conquer OR ... we can unify within our ONE HEART - clearing away the old and bringing in the very power of Love Unleashed from our hearts.

No more time to faff, procrastinate or put off until, until, until ... This is that time. This is that time and you are not alone! We have come to bring in the NEW by clearing ourselves of it first - in order to then shine our LoveLight with the power and force of well, Jedi Bison Divine Humans.

We are the Vanguard. Now is the time.

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