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Grief, Courage and Willingness. Goodbye 2022
Grief, Courage and Willingness. Goodbye 2022

by Anné Klimt

Looking back and feeling forward.

At the end of each year, I reflect on where we’ve been as I tune into the energies in the field to get a sense of where we’re going. Last year was one of the most challenging years of my life. I know I’m not alone in that.

Perhaps you’ll see some of yourself in these words.

Either way, I’m holding a strong intention for the coming year to bless you in countless ways.


As I reflect on all that 2022 brought our way and what 2023 is calling us into, these words rise powerfully into my consciousness:


In my deep-dive breakthrough conversations with many of you this past year, grief often hung in the shadows. In my own life I’ve been mourning some foundational ruptures as well. The losses are mounting at the personal and collective level for all of us.

It goes so much further than the pandemic. Yes, it’s lives lost, but also dreams, ideals, relationships and so much more. As the social structures we thought would save us begin to crumble, we are realizing the full extent of our losses. The illusions are coming apart at the seams, the resulting dissonance rippling like waves through our bodies, our minds, our hearts and souls.

We’ve been white-knuckling this thing called life on earth for some time now, waiting for it to change, for something to change, for anything to change.

Change has come, and as it turns out we mere mortals don’t do so well with change.

As we co-create a new reality, the New Earth, the Golden Age, we must release attachments to that which was familiar and known. Even if it never worked for our highest good, it still hurts to let it go.

That’s what it means to be human.


I had the tremendous honor of guiding some incredible women to deep healing and integration this year. I am literally humbled in their presence as I witness their respective journeys into their own mythic caves, sitting with their wounded parts, calling all their fragments back to the whole and creating meaning from their storied lives.

It takes courage to do this deep inner work of true transformation.

It takes courage to hold space for all parts of you, all parts of your experience.

It takes courage to enter your own cave, alchemize wounds into wisdom and return – one day – victorious.

It takes courage to love that which we thought was unlovable.


In 2022, I felt a willingness rising in our collective field.

A willingness

to be in the mystery of the unknown

to deeply hold the wound of the heart

to find a way through

What are we called to in 2023?

In a word, LOVE. You are being called even more powerfully to remember the truth of who you are. You are love, and you can never be separated from it.

You and me both were taught that love is a feeling or an action. So we keep waiting to feel more love. If only we felt more love, we could share more love, be more love.

But have you felt that which connects you to the cosmos? It’s love.

Have you felt the blood pumping through your veins? It’s love.

Have you felt connected to what John Welwood calls Divine, Absolute Love? It’s all around you, caressing you, holding you in this very moment. It’s only that we so often lose the connection; we forget.

We forget the tap is always on, love is streaming ‘round us in every moment.

But now we are waking. Rising. Remembering.

How do we get there, how do we get to love?

In two words, through a Sacred Union. The Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine are rising, intertwining like the serpents on the staff, illuminating a path to greater healing and integration on our collective ascension journey.

The Sacred Feminine invites us into the cave, invites us to hold with compassion our personal and collective wounds. To hold them with limitless love. To alchemize them into wisdom.

The Sacred Feminine is gathering our souls together for this great work of ascension, transformation and transmutation of the past into the future.

The Sacred Masculine is rising to meet his beloved, the Sacred Feminine, to create the sanctified container necessary for feminine wisdom to materialize on the earthly plane. To enforce the boundaries required to create safe space for the unfoldment of magic.

The Sacred Union is the marriage of all that is holy, just and righteous. It is the inner work we do to marry all parts of ourselves, to bring divine balance into our thoughts, beliefs, words and actions.

It is where we derive our true power, and where love becomes the fuel of co-creation.

It is what brings us wholeness, which is what healing truly is. Remembering that we are whole.

Whether you know it or not or feel it or not, you are awakening. You are ascending.

You’ll know it if your life has been turned upside down.

You’ll know it if you’re unable to feel well in a crumbling, unwell world.

You’ll know it if your heart and soul are tugging or outright shoving you towards the far edge of your comfort zone, towards greater connection, purpose, freedom and joy in your life.

Whispering…It’s time… It’s time… It’s time.

There’s no going back. The only way out is through.

Here’s to Limitless, Divine, Absolute love in 2023 and beyond.

Here’s to you,


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Anné ("Anna") works with women all over the globe to heal their painful past in order to create lives they really love. She uses state-of-the-art energy healing tools and transformational listening + coaching + spiritual practice to guide her clients out of confusion, self-doubt, and perfectionism and into a life of grace, ease, connection and purpose.


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If 2020 heralded the Great Awakening, then surely 2021 brought us - collectively and individually - into the Great Initiation. We are at the precipice of a New Reality. There is no "new normal" and we will never return to the shelter of pre-2020 thinking, believing or BEing. The time for petty division and separation based on inconsequential and 'perceived' differences is over. I believe each one of us is being called into greater levels of awareness, healing, truth and purpose. It's time to RISE UP and claim our birthright as the soulful, sovereign, light-keepers we truly are. Buckle up! You're in for an epic adventure!

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