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Herbal Honey
Herbal Honey

by Ananda Wilson

Honey, when poured atop an herbal powder or even fresh flowers or leaves, can be transformed into a magical or medicinal electuary.

Perhaps the closest thing to eating the flowers themselves is the miracle of honey. And even more miraculous, is its uncanny ability to naturally preserve its own kind. Honey, when poured atop an herbal powder or even fresh flowers or leaves, can be transformed into a magical or medicinal electuary. An electuary is a collection of herbal or medicinal honeys.

The preservative properties of raw honey keep the herb well-kept and ready to use for tea or by the spoonful. India’s traditional nutritive paste called Chyawanprash, was and still is made from a variety of nutritious herbs, pureed dried fruits, and raw honey, and is eaten by the spoonful daily to prolong a healthful life and promote beautiful skin.

Honey has a myriad of healing properties; too many to list here, but among them are promises of vibrant skin, reduced allergies, increase of libido and strong fertility. I am here simply to introduce you to how you can get started on your own healing electuary.

Ginger Honey

Fresh slices of ginger can be soaked in honey for and instant ginger tea, or a superb sore throat remedy. Cut the ginger into small pieces and place into a jar. Pour in enough honey to fully cover the ginger. Let steep for at least one week, opening daily to ensure trapped gasses can safely escape. When you are satisfied with the strength of your honey, strain through cheesecloth and store in a jar.

Chai Honey

This is pretty self-explanatory! Traditional Chai spices can be added to honey for a sumptuous addition to hot milk. Ground cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, clove, and nutmeg are herbs that you can add for this blend. Add mostly the cinnamon and cardamom, then you can play with the others, to see what you like the best. Nutmeg should be the least amount added.

Rose Honey

Collect fresh organic roses of the fragrant varieties, and gently remove the petals. Lay them into a jar and pour honey in to cover them completely. Steep for at least two weeks. If possible, repeat the process using the same honey. Rose honey can be consumed or used as a special facial mask if added to cosmetic clay.

Lavender Honey

Follow instructions for Rose honey as above, using lavender buds instead.

Lemon Balm, Chamomile, or Catnip Honey

Fill your jar partly with fresh catnip or lemon balm leaves. Cover with honey, and steep for three to six weeks. Strain through cheesecloth and store in a jar at room temperature. This is a wonderful remedy for restless or anxious children, or for an upset stomach. Take as a tea or eat a teaspoonful.

Sage Honey

Place fresh sage, the garden variety, not the desert white sage, into your jar and cover with honey. Steep three weeks. Strain. Enjoy this in tea for helping ease women’s complaints, sore throat, or head colds.

I love you honey

Add powdered Ashwaganda, vanilla extract, and damiana tincture to your Rose honey for an exquisite aphrodisiac!

Milk Goddess honey

Ground fenugreek in honey is said to help maintain the flow of mother’s milk if taken daily.

Chocolate edible lover’s honey

Cocoa powder mixed into your honey is a tempting treat when eaten off your sweetie’s belly button!

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© Ananda Wilson,

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