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I am Earth
I am Earth

Melanie Mucciarone

I am Earth. 
Steady, strong and as slow growing as the ancient mountains peaks.

I am Water. 
As the rivers of life-blood within me; as the Mother ocean ebbs and flows with the waning and waxing of the Grandmother moon.

I am Fire. 
Transforming all that is consumed into nourishment, lessons and alchemical magick.

I am Air. 
As the whispering winds which dance from all the sacred directions, which guide us to move, celebrate and to fly!

I am Spirit. 
For all that is sacred is now honoured with every breath, every tear, and moments of tranquil silence.

I am this body. 
A sacred temple adorned by the myriad of gifts my ancestors blessed me with. My ancestors who prayed for this expression to heal, to sing, and to evolve.

Our ancestors determined to empower each moment with appreciation that all of life, death and rebirth is a venerated blessing of the spiralling dance between Goddess and God.

I am all that was, all that will be and all that is. 
I am infinite.

Written by: Melanie Mucciarone

IG: @green_rose_alchemist

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