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Intuitive Healing: Brush, Paint and Canvas
Intuitive Healing: Brush, Paint and Canvas

by sHEALy (Sherry Healy)

Make a decision today to place your intuitive vision upon canvas. This deeply meditative experience will have profound healing properties upon your spirit and physical body.

Technical artistic skill is not essential to the process. You simply need to trust your own heart and begin to paint.

When you pick up a brush and hold it in your fingers, you will at first feel a combination of emotions. You might experience excitement, anticipation and thrill combined with the fear of judging yourself and abilities. As emotions emerge, spend a few moments with each emotion. Listen to your body. Examine how your body physically feels. Then, put your brush, paint and canvas to work as you dip into the hues of your intuition. Allow your hand to guide you and you will find your own correct use of color and artistic style.

Begin to fill your canvas with paint. Allow your brush to glide through the wet mixture as if your own body were present upon the canvas. Close your eyes if you find yourself feeling restrained. And, have fun.

As you practice this procedure, you will find your self walking toward a spectrum of sensations. Be present with each thought, memory and dream that drifts into your spirit. Intuitive insights will be the payoff.

As an intuitive and artist, I use the creation of art as a tool to heal and enhance my own being. And, as a spiritual and inspiration teacher and guide, I ask all of my students to paint on a regular basis. The end product is not the function of the artistic process. The process is the purpose of the process, just as a life well lived is the purpose of a well lived life.

During my own evolution as an artist and spiritual teacher, the artistic process became the avenue of which intuitive and spiritual guides spoke with me. And today, the very same guides reach out to those who view and purchase my artwork. They speak through color, image and mood. They share emotions and pleasure as they inspire more and more individuals to find joy in life.

I encourage the use of the simple tools of brush, canvas and paint to be used as a vehicle of personal healing and spiritual development. Through such effortless work intrinsic attributes will flourish and new curing sensations will emerge and healing will begin.

How Do I Start?

1. Purchase inexpensive materials including paint brushes of different sizes, canvases ranging from 2 to 4 foot in size, and acrylic paint.

2. Prepare a comfortable and private work environment.

3. Dress as if you don’t care who sees you.

4. Place lovely music while you work.

5. Find paper towels and clean water for clean up.

6. Dim any artificial light.

7. Dip brushes in paint and begin to slosh, slide, dab and stroke your canvas.

8. Allow your arm to relax and be free to move in big or small movements.

9. Mix colors and watch for results.

10. Work while it is fun.

11. Stop working when you want to stop.

12. Clean up your work area.

13. Allow your paint to dry.

14. Spend time looking at your art.

15. Pretend you are peering into clouds.

16. Look for images.

17. Begin again when you feel ready.

18. Using your paint and brush, attempt to place upon your canvas the images you see.

19. Like a good shampoo, repeat as needed.

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