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Journey of Spiritual Discovery
Journey of Spiritual Discovery

by Ruth E. Danielson

As women we have the wonderful opportunity to experience many things in our lives. One of them being the opportunity to feel life growing within our bodies.

This gives us a unique perspective on the value of life. It also gives many of us the peace within our souls that there is a higher power, a Divine, a God and or Goddess. Ultimately we have the ability to create, just like our Divine did in the beginning of time.

If we look to our journey of faith and discovery as an expectant mother in labor, we know there is a lot of pain and work ahead that is involved in each process. Some women seemingly coast through the birthing process with ease and very quickly..... some women do not. Much like our journey of spiritual discovery for the path to our Divine. Some women cry with pain and joy simultaneously. At some point in the process of labor, a lot of women feel they cannot go any further...they cannot push one more time.... they feel like they want to give up because the pain is so great. Again, much like our spiritual journey we have embarked upon. Our faith is challenged by others....(each contraction of labor), til the point comes when we must overcome our fears and our doubts in ourselves and in our journey.....(the final push of labor).

In the end, the laboring mother has a beautiful baby...and in the end of our doubts about our Journey...we have discovered our Divine...But to any of the parents out there....this truly is where the challenges start, just as it is when we begin learning and growing in our beliefs. As parents we have a new life to protect, to nourish, to encourage and to love....Just as we must do with our Faith and our Divine. With both, we will have even greater challenges ahead, with many disappointments and frustrations along the way. On the brighter side, we will have many beautiful discoveries in life and the process of living. Raising children and enriching our faith are journeys that all should be privileged to experience. So many challenges to face, discoveries to make, and wonders to happen.

One important factor to note within the birthing process is that it can be experienced in different ways. Some women choose to do it without pain, some all natural, some at home, some standing, some lying down at the mercy of others.

Perhaps if we were to compare the differences to our journey in discovering our faith, are we on our backs at the mercy of others?? Doing everything they say and want?? Or do we choose to stand on our own and take control of the direction our lives will lead, because it is what feels right for us.

We all come to our Path differently. Not everyone believes in the same Higher Being, God, or Divine. Some of us have more road bumps than others, while some coast with ease on their chosen path. We must learn from the failures and the successes that we alone experience.

We must follow what feels right within our heart. We must embrace the Journey....much like you do a newborn babe.... and defend your faith with vigor....but also with love, just like a newborn babe. Embrace your Path with love, and live it with love, and your Journey will be one of beauty and joy.

Our Divine loves us unconditionally. This is something we must strive for. We need to love each other and embrace each others hurts, and help to heal those hurts. Let us move forward to a place others will want to be because they see the miracles and magick working within the lives we are living.

Let us lead, with the light of the love of our Divine shining brightly. By choosing this, others will see what is going right in our lives and be drawn to it. They will want it, will seek it, and hopefully mankind will benefit from the outcome of others choosing to seek their own path to the Divine.....

Blessings and love to all who read this and are seeking.

May your lives be enriched and full of joy and wonder....

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