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Mother Nature's Healing Beauty
Mother Nature's Healing Beauty

by Dayna Colvin

The vibrant green grass grows beautifully around the blossoming pink echinacea flower
Being gently nourished and nurtured with the fresh lovely cool warm rain hot sun cool wind breezes
Protected surrounded with the strong tall brown and green trees firmly grounded deep inside the earth

Seasons changing transitioning from spring to summer to autumn to winter beautiful vivid vibrant rainbow colors gracefully lovingly painting spreading across the earth

I'm resting meditating sitting relaxing on the moist grassy earth bed against the tree enjoying feeling protected and safe and feeling the warm hot sun and cool breezes soothing recharging healing my being my Soul my consciousness

I'm enjoying the wonderful magical healing aromatherapy of the plants and flowers and I'm smiling and feeling such healing love gratitude peace joy watching listening to the beautiful colorful birds and squirrels and butterflies and dragonflies and ladybugs and crickets and hummingbirds and grasshoppers flying and soaring playfully gracefully through the air through the trees playing dancing connecting together in harmony

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Dayna Colvin
Herbalist Green Living Self Care Writer Coach
My children's book, Amy and Her Fairy Friends is out now, read it today.

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