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Sky Voice
Sky Voice

by Waynonaha Two Worlds

This morning as I look out on the world from my window, I see long thick ice cycles hanging on the eves of our old house.

The ice glistens with a pink glow that is reflected from the clouds. All is clean and bright again under the deep and peaceful snow blanket that has been falling for two days.

Open the door and letting in a blast of cold air, I look to the East and see the sun rising in a clear and azure blue sky. The first rays of the sun dance across the horizon and touch the clouds with a deep pink in honor of our first snow.

Trees hold thin branches up to the sky covered with snow offerings. A fat black crow comes to sit and talk as I view the wonders of the sky. His sharp cawing reminding me that it is cold and I must not stay too long here in the snow. My hands and feet tingle with the cold and my body comes alive with new and clear energy.

Wispy swirls of pink cotton candy smoke rise in silence from the chimneys of the houses, and drift off in the still morning. All is at peace as Creator moves darkness aside and with the hand of love gifts the light of beauty for all to see.

In my heart I hear Creator saying, “here is my master piece, and now I add my signature as the final touch.” It is with this great feeling of peace that floods into my heart that I look out on a world of white, and know that we are never alone.

Some times when I am in need of an answer I only have to look up to the sky and see the message Creator had painted for today.

Now the blessing of the sun and the final touch of beauty fade as things of the moment do. I place these in my memory to take out later and see them again in my heart. This place of keeping the sacred gifts of an all loving and all knowing Creator, is full and rich from the many moments that are given for us to share. The crystal hanging in the window, reflects rainbows on the walls, bring in the brightness of love and beauty.

Today when I most needed it, my heart was lifted into a place of love and compassion to understand the many dark times that have passed in this year. It was a message that we have all survived, and will continue to survive in the future if we honor the gifts of beauty which are of the moment.

I sing a song of winter beauty in honor of these gifts from Creator, and ask for guidance in my life to continue serving and helping others. The white vapor of my breath joins the smoke in pink hues and disappears into the morning air.

For this moment I am and will always be a part of the Creators master piece. If I lose sight of this path I know that Creator will send a message on the sky for me to follow home.

Love and blessings Waynonaha

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