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The Crone Stone
The Crone Stone

by Spider

Ok ladies, have you reached the point in your life where you wake up at night for no reason at all and lay awake enjoying the stillness? When you are sitting with friends or doing whatever and suddenly you feel a gush of life flow up from your belly and come out the pores of your face and neck for all to see?

 Do you sometimes feel angry or sad for Mother Earth and the world situations that harm All Our Relations? And especially sad or angry about those experiences in your own life that keep you from being who you really are? Well, rally that healing power for you are entering the Age of the Crone.

It's kind of like a shamanic initiation. For the first time in many years, you are on your own here, journeying down a solitary path, even if you have a wonderful family or friends supporting you. The Spirit Grandmothers are calling. Now, they teach you the medicine that will be your Crone Wisdom. You have walked many times around the Medicine Wheel and learned many lessons. Perhaps you have helped many people and brought healing to some of Our Relations. The Spirit Grandmothers have some new ways to teach you now. They begin with helping and healing yourself. That's what this quiet time during the night is all about.

Let go of what you know. Don't be afraid to change into someone new. Walk peacefully into that dark, quiet place and wrap your love around yourself. This place is not new. You entered when you began your Moontime rhythms, looked within and discovered your Moontime Medicine. Now, its time to put these things back to the Earth. Look within again and discover your Crone Wisdom.

You are being called to change on many levels this time. As Mother Earth is transforming with this Vortex that we are all traveling through on a planetary journey, so are the women. Through our moon cycles, women are connected with Mother Earth and feel her changing. It intensifies now that you see with the Crones eyes. More and more women are being called at an earlier age to walk the journey of the Crone. Mother Earth needs Crone Wisdom to bring love to All Our Relations, to teach the people to appreciate the Web of Life and to prepare the children to live in a world where we dance again holding hands around the Sacred Tree.

Your thoughts are changing. During this season, you are focused on the planet, Our Earth Family. Now, you take responsibility for everyone with every thought and action. Through your good thoughts and good feelings, you bring good words and good actions that make good relations.

Your body is changing. The rhythm of your heartbeat is changing to follow a different sound. Your breathing, sleeping and eating patterns are changing too. Know that the answers to how to adjust with these new rhythms are all inside of you. Ask and the Spirit Grandmothers will show you the answers. Listen to Mother Earth and follow the seasons. Eat from the goodness of her soil. Sleep like the Creatures that stop and nap when they are tired. Breathe in the energy of the Sacred Breath of Life and be grateful for each new day. Honor your Relations and show your beautiful colors like the trees that give their best display as they prepare to go within and replenish with Mother Earth's energy.

Perhaps you had a belly stone when you were menstruating to help you release your blood and let it flow back to Mother Earth. Now, its time to find a Crone Stone to help you make your Crone transformation. While your belly stone was large, flat and rather heavy to rest on your womb, your Crone Stone should be smaller, lighter and feel good in your hand or resting on your heart. The most important thing about a Crone Stone is the connection that you feel with the Earth when you hold it. This is a stone to spend quiet time with in the Moon Lodge or at night in bed rather than to wear. The stone can be flat or shaped, but not so round that it will roll. It can be any color.

Make a special ceremony to call your Crone Stone. During your Moontime, or at any special energy time in your cycle, create a Sacred Space. Light the sage and honor the Food Mothers, Mother Earth and Father Sky. Honor changing Mother Earth who is like the snake shedding her skin. Ask the Spirit Grandmothers to guide you to the place where your Crone Stone is already waiting for you. Follow your inner voice and honor all of the Stone People you meet along the way. Your Crone Stone has heard your ceremony call and will let you know when you find it. It may take you awhile and a journey to many places to find your Crone Stone. It may come as a gift from a friend. But you will know when you hold it that this is the stone.

Sit or lay down in a quiet place with your Crone Stone. Let it make an Earth connection for you. Feel Mother Earth's heartbeat and let her love surround you.

When you feel your body changing and have a difficult time adjusting, reach for your Crone Stone. Allow the stone to let your energy flow with the changes. Now, let your energy sparkle and shine!

When you feel your top begin to blow, you can set the stone on your body and let its coolness restore your balance. Hold your Crone Stone to create a safe Sacred Space to cry when you need to.

The most important connection that you can have with your Crone Stone is one of healing. Lay with the stone on your heart. Bring your energy back to your heart. Find the love that you have for yourself when you appreciate your gifts and achievements. Feel the fullness of many years of sharing your love and having it returned. Let your love sparkle inside you. Come back to your heart every day and feel the love you carry there. When you are sad or angry, blow these feelings away and then return to your heart and feel the lovely person you are underneath it all. You can also lay your Crone Stone on parts of your body that need healing and ask the stone to take away pain and ease inflammation. Whatever changes your body is going through, ask your Crone Stone to show you the ways to bring healing and balance.

When you fall asleep, lay on your back and put your Crone Stone on your heart. Call the Spirit Grandmothers and ask them to teach you the wisdom of the Crone. Be sure to keep a notebook and pencil by your bed, for the Spirit Grandmothers will speak in the night and you want to write down your new wisdom so that you can expand on it later. Perhaps you want to make a special notebook to be your Crone Stone Book of Wisdom.

Know that you are entering an age where you will be called upon to connect all hands in peace and teach love for All Our Relations. The wisdom that you acquire on your Crones journey will give you direction and inspiration. Find a Crone Stone of your own to be your guide. Tell other women about the Crone Stone so that they to can find their own Crone's wisdom. Lets make a world wide circle of Crones using stones to bring that circle of hands back together in peace. Pass this along to other women and keep it going.


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