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Things Will Change ~ Believe It
Things Will Change ~ Believe It

by sHEALy (Sherry Healy)

Those of us who are parenting intuitive children are often walking a tight rope between feeling great pride, love and admiration for our child or feeling fear, frustration and concern. While we recognize the amazing strengths and talents of our bustling intuitive we know from life's experiences that unharnessed energy can create problems.

We worry that the impulsive behaviors of the intuitive mind may lead our child into trouble. We are concerned that our bright and talented student will not get the quality education that he deserves and needs to succeed. We feel mounting concern that we can not raise this child to be a lawful and complying citizen of his community. And with all the love in our hearts, we are sending this message to our intuitive child. Yes, the intuitive child knows how we feel and think. He knows when we do not feel trust or when we feel concern. And, his self esteem plummets with each fear we feel.

The intuitive child, in all of his reckless and explosive energy wants to please those who love him. He wants to prove that he is powerful and able to lead a good life. Even in the face of problems and mistakes his genius mind is seeking ways to better his situations.


The answer to raising an intuitive child is to "know and believe" that his life will be wonderful. And with this belief system intact, his life will be wonderful. The intuitive child is born with a set of intrinsic rules that lead him along his path. And when his parents, teachers and community leaders trust and respect him, he learns to follow these intuitive rules. Like any other individual, he will make mistakes along his path but he will not remain a child forever and his tendency to make mistakes will pass. When he feels the security of positive individuals he will begin to flourish and make good and healthy decisions.

With his ability to "tune into" his surroundings, he will take advice and guidance from the believe system of those who love him. He will learn to succeed not only for his own purposes but to prove right the individuals who respect and stand by his side. And as he feels the security of positive belief and thought coming from those who love him his confidence will soar and he will more easily create success.

Photo by Melissa Askew

Intuitives see verbal guidance as a form of reprimand. And, they do not like it and rarely do they listen to it. Yet, they see praise as a form of love. And, they often attempt to make changes in order to please those who grant love. When attempting to guide an intuitive individual it is always best to look for the "right" instead of the "wrong" in all affairs. Soon afterward the intuitive will begin to talk, share his thoughts and actions and express his future plans. And when he begins to talk, we better listen.

This is our time to develop a relationship. Intuitives of all ages love to hear feedback in the form of praise and admiration. So, when you hear that he has made one good decision even if in the face of ten negative decisions, you will want to praise the good. And if you have praised the good you will find that he will attempt to do more good. Your intuitive is not dumb. In fact, he is quite genius in his abilities to stir your emotions. He knows what you are not going to like. And he knows what of what you will approve. So, when he shares with you the negatives and the positives of his day he is testing you. He is questioning your ability to love him in spite of his behaviors. Don't fail the test and your intuitive will more quickly grow to be a charming and mature adult.

It is advantageous for the parent of an intuitive child to realize that life is constantly changing and that the intuitive son or daughter will change as well. The impulsive behavior will eventually temper itself. The rebellious attitude will transform into perseverance. And the bustling energy will harness itself into love, compassion and a desire to create a good life. In the attempt of keeping a healthy mental attitude, it is enormously important for the intuitive parent to recognize that his child will grow up and many of the difficulties that now seem so grand will disappear. And as our intuitive is growing we can not do much more than bask in the lessons that he seems to be teaching us.

1. The intuitive is teaching us to look for the positive in life.
2. The intuitive is teaching us that our belief systems are powerful enough to make changes.
3. The intuitive is teaching us to love unconditionally.
4. The intuitive is teaching us that many things we worry about never happen.
5. The intuitive is teaching us that life is constantly changing.
6. The intuitive is teaching us to praise each other.
7. The intuitive is teaching us that there is a new way of parenting.
8. The intuitive is teaching us that there is a new way of living.

So, when walking the tightrope between feeling good or bad, choose good. When conversing with a loved one listen for the "good" information and express it. When waking each morning be aware that life is short and change is always so enjoy your day. And know that most intuitive beings placed in your life know exactly how you feel and what you think, so think and feel wonderful and "believe" that which you want to achieve. Know that your intuitive offspring will find his way.

He was born with the rules written on the inside and you better believe it.

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