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Venus in Leo Cycle
Venus in Leo Cycle

by Cayelin Castell

Venus, Queen of Heaven, brightest of the visible planets, has her own magical and mysterious cycle that repeats itself every 584 days.

 When Venus goes retrograde it signals the completion of one Venus cycle and the preparation for, and the beginning of, a new archetypal integration cycle for the divine feminine.

July 22, 2023, Venus stations retrograde at 29 Leo 39. When Venus stations retrograde, she is always visible in the evening sky. Within about two weeks Venus disappears from the evening sky on Aug 06, 2023, to begin her 5-to-7-day journey with the Sun, essentially dying to her previous form.

On August 13, 2023, Venus meets with the Sun (interior conjunction at 21 Leo) in a metamorphosis process preparing for rebirth into an entirely new incarnation changing from Capricorn to Leo. This transformation occurs within 9 degrees of the magical fixed star Regulus, the Heart of the Lion.

The Sun Venus conjunction symbolizes the complete Shamanic death of Venus as she prepares for her rebirth into her next expression of the feminine. Then Venus (17 Leo) rises dramatically before the Sun as a morning star on or near August 19 signaling the start of the new Venus cycle.

Venus is now integrating the Leo mysteries, an expression of the Solar Feminine into the collective feminine psyche of humanity for the next 584 days.

The previous Venus cycle was focused on the Capricorn mysteries that began in January 2022. The Venus in Capricorn journey was exploring how to reinvent our concepts of work and play as well coming up with the new guidelines for how to responsibly show up. At The Turning Of The Ages the Capricorn Mysteries are on the forefront of the project to rewrite the operating manual or guidelines for the most effective ways to live life that includes an earthy, organic connection to having fun, while responsibly engaging sustainable life practices.

The new operating manual includes how to completely enjoy our creation, and how to create our reality in such a way that our basic human needs are met easily and abundantly. This includes having fun while we are artfully and efficiently administrating our personal and worldly domain for the benefit of the next several generations to follow. The Capricorn Venus journey was setting an essential foundation for the exploration of the mysteries now emerging.

Venus in Leo is a HUGE shift as this archetype of the feminine is exploring the pure essence of our divine nature. This pure love of Self radiates inspiration for all without holding back. It is much like the life-giving light of the Sun that is always shining somewhere in the world.

In our recorded past and current times Leo is represented by the King/Queen or Super Star viewed through the lens of hierarchy. This is the shadow expression of Leo that says, “I am God and you are not.” Or “I am special and you are not.” However, the pure essence of Leo knows that everyone is a divine being, and no one is more or less important than anyone else. Even the Super Star steps off center stage at times to allow others to play their roles in the spotlight.

Leo knows that the starring leading role is only an essential part of the greater whole and without the supporting roles the whole is not complete and therefore without all the roles being fulfilled they are not complete either.

The feminine journey in Leo calls us to remember the Goddesses that have served as Queen, such as Isis, Lilith, Ishtar, Innana, Hera, Juno, Bodicca, Persephone, Casseopia, Morrigan, Rhiannon, Hecate, and many others. Their stories provide clues about the Leo mysteries and how to work with them consciously evolving them towards their next expression. A good Queen wisely serves all her people as a role model of self-love and self-confidence, empowering all those she encounters.

It is not important to know exactly how the Leo Mysteries are intended to emerge through Venus at this time. It is important to know the questions to ask, because when we are asking the right questions, the right answers have an opportunity to find their form.

Here are some possible questions Venus in Leo might ask.

How do we truly, whole-heartedly love ourselves on every level?
How do we remember that we are divine and know it fully in our bodies?
How do we truly remember that we are the Ancient and Shining Ones carrying the codes of radical radiant self-love and self-confidence in our DNA?
How do we manifest these codes in our everyday reality for our greatest good?
How do we open our hearts to the expressions of pure love within us?

In other words, how do we consciously co-create fully living in, and enjoying a Golden Age?

When Venus is journeying with the Leo we have a collective opportunity to also personally engage the answers to these and other questions for the purpose of remembering how to live from our pure divine essence. This raises our personal and collective frequencies to support our expanding awareness of our true selves.

It is important to remember that all of the beliefs and patterns not in alignment with this intent will come up for clearing and transformation. During this process it may be challenging to feel there is any progress or self-love happening.

Trust the process, surrender, and follow your inner guidance. Commit to actions that support the experience of self-love. This might be taking some time for yourself, a trip that inspires you, a day in nature, going to a movie, a creative pursuit in an area that excites your passion, or any other activities that create the experience of feeling loving towards yourself.

In the book P’taah The Gift by Jani King P’taah says; Fear has come about in your forgetting who you are. You have forgotten that who you really are is an aspect of the God-Goddess expressing Itself, however that may be, in the vibrancy of this reality. There is no such thing as releasing fear or hiding from it. Fear is valid. There is nothing wrong with fear. It is the polarity of LOVE.

The way to transform fear is to step into it, to embrace it. You may picture fear as the child within you who is terrified of being unworthy of love, joy, abundance and laughter, doomed to abandonment, dying of a broken heart. As you hold the child to your heart say: “Beloved of my heart, I love you with every part of my being. You are not alone. We live in a safe universe, you and I, and together we are going home.” Thusly, you transform the fear to LOVE.

If you would like to join the Venus in Leo Ceremonial Series the Details are HERE

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Cayelin K Castell is the co-founder of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School and author of the Celestial Timings and more at She has been a guest speaker for many online summits and enjoys doing personal readings, mentoring, as well as facilitating in-person and online classes including the extremely popular ceremonial Venus Journey through

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