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Visualizing the Universe
Visualizing the Universe

by sHEALy

Because many universal aspects are still unknown to the human mind, intuitive study of the cosmic is essential to those who desire to know more.

 Imagine the earth, round, blue, covered with water and physical matter. Now see the earth as it rotates upon its axes. See this vision in your minds eye. See the actual rotation-a spiral of energy moving a mass of physical matter. See the shadow of night fall upon one side of the earth and then watch as the shadow moves allowing light to flow where there was darkness.

When you can clearly visualize the rotating earth and fluctuating light, visualize a bright-burning star casting light as it moves along a chosen path around the earth. See this star, the sun, as it burns and travels its slow path. Visualize the heat flowing through darkness from the sun. Then, see the heat cast upon the earth.

As you continue this visualization, you are familiar with only a tiny portion of your universe. You are pondering the energy of the light, temperature, movement and speed. Because energy and matter are interchangeable, as you are now reading and imagining, you are tuning into the universe. Your thoughts, like the heat of the sun travel from your mind and physical body out into the universe.

A continuation of universe visualization, will allow you to expand your understanding of the universe. Because you are that which you put your attention upon, visualizing the universe is a means of expanding your own mind and converging with your intuitive genius.

When developing an understanding of the chakra system it is helpful to recognize the energies of the Cosmos. We are all sparks in a large energy body. Each chakra is part of that larger spark.

Visualize the orange yellow chakra burning within the solar plexus. As you focus on this area, imagine this energy to be a doorway into the solar system. See into this system. Visualize the depth of space. As you continue to expand your understanding of the universe and this chakra your thoughts will expand.

Continue to develop a relationship with your core/solar plexus. Exercise your core muscles. Breathe deeply allowing your stomach muscles to expand and relax with each breath. Respect your body and expect Universal changes to flow into your life.


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