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What's Your Next-Level Alignment Growth Edge?
What's Your Next-Level Alignment Growth Edge?

by Anné Klint

Recently in the Sacred Sanctuary (my intimate, nourishing membership for soulful women on a shared journey to living their purpose) we shared in a real, raw, honest discussion ...

Recently in the Sacred Sanctuary (my intimate, nourishing membership for soulful women on a shared journey to living their purpose) we shared in a real, raw, honest discussion about how, as Spirit-led women, we're being asked in these times of great change - sometimes not so gently - to step into greater and greater ALIGNMENT.

What am I talking about when I say alignment?

🖤 Accepting the challenges offered to live according to our values.
🖤 Using our voice to name and claim what we need and what we want.

🖤 Seeing ourselves in our old patterns and course-correcting in the direction of self-love, self-honor and self-realization.

🖤 Putting on our big girl or big boy pants and doing the so-called hard things, even when our inner kid is having a fit. (We do this by first seeing, hearing and honoring our inner kid so they feel validated and safe.)

🖤 Letting go of the past in order to have the Spirit-led future that is waiting for us.

Is alignment easy?


But often it means taking action that feels edgy. When we're really, really honest about who we've been and the holding patterns we've been stuck in, moving into alignment means moving out of our (uncomfortable) comfort zone. And that can tweak a sensitive nervous system.

In my own life, with divorce looming, I'm brushing up against old patterns of dependence and crusty old beliefs about what I'm capable of managing when it comes to personal responsibility, especially in the realm of finance.

On the surface I tell myself: Chick, you run a successful online biz with global reach, what do you mean you can't handle the responsibility of solo homeownership?

But the inner kids don't see it the same. In fact, they have no idea about this whole Born to Flourish online business, or that I'm even a grown up, able to take care of myself. They feel scared and nervous, all those abandonment bells ringing in their shell-shocked little ears.

I'm so freaking grateful for the mirror that is the Sacred Sanctuary because I got my own dose of alignment truth. Yesterday I saw clearly that my inner kids are scared AF and were running the show, which created a lot of anxiety.

My old pattern was to let someone else make a big decision for me. The old way was for me to NOT be powerful, to NOT advocate for what I need.

My huge growth edge in this moment is in aligning myself to Spirit, to the truth that I am waaaay more powerful and capable than I've ever allowed myself to be.

Because alignment is power. It's personal spiritual power, it's soul capital. It's not exerting power over others, but rather being a fierce and ruthlessly self-honest advocate for YOU.

Alignment is stepping away from the conditioning of your past (your learned fears, doubts, self-sabotage) and towards your personal agency, your transformation, your reclamation of your whole, beautiful, imperfectly perfect Self.

Alignment is the ultimate co-creative dance with Spirit and All That Is.

Alignment is what moves you forward on your path to becoming who you intrinsically are, the YOU you came here to be. It moves you closer and closer to living your purpose. And ideally with a healthy dose of panache, pleasure, joy and play.

Big Love and Aligned Growth,

P.S. If you just KNOW that Spirit is inviting you into greater alignment but you're stuck in a crusty old holding pattern of your own, I want you to know that I feel you and see you. And if you are serious about working with someone to reach the breakthroughs that lead to real transformation, we should talk. Not only does living in alignment make you feel better in your skin, you give everyone else permission to do the same and violà! the world changes, too.

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