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Womb of the Earth - Part One
Womb of the Earth - Part One

by Roslyne Sophia Breillat

Woman has become so attached to the contemporary world’s denigration and ignorance of her female truth that she has forgotten who she really is

And she is slumbering within a deep sleep of forgetfulness, a veil of amnesia that masks this female truth as her divine and sacred heritage. For her womb was once revered throughout ancient civilisations as an inherent source of universal mystery and creative sexual power that embraced the immortal essence of the feminine spirit. And this womb was perceived as the circle, the source, the centre, the creation of all of life and love. In many early cultures a woman’s womb was perceived as containing the galactic power of the universe. And this is the truth.

For aeons the Earth Mother has been perceived as synonymous with the Womb of Life. In many cultural traditions her moist dark caves and deep cavern places are used for sacred rituals that celebrate her transforming cycles of life, death and rebirth. And these rituals always take place during powerful lunar phases and planetary alignments of the Solstice and Equinox. We have strayed so far from this place of union, this place of the heart, this place of the womb, within and without. Throughout many early cultures the word, “womb” was synonymous with the words, “sanctuary” and “temple,” and underground temples and labyrinths were designed to embrace and enfold entire communities with the nurturing womb energy of Mother Earth. Rape and abuse are unknown in cultures where the feminine essence of woman and of the earth is honoured, respected and given full expression. And rape and abuse are impossible when this feminine essence is fully and passionately loved, without shame, without blame and without the ignorant force of sexual greed that strips a woman of her very soul.

And what of he? For he too has forgotten who she is, in the deep, within this sacred womb place that births all love and life. And he has long forgotten that the profound impersonal healing power of her womb is his only true nurturing, his only true sustenance, his only true food, his only way home. And he will never find in his outer world the deep sense of fulfillment that he can receive from the exquisitely fine vibrations of her fully open and fully surrendered womb. It is within the vast and mysterious void of this womb space that he potentially finds who he truly is. For through this powerful merging, the male and female essence dissolve into the one consciousness and being of love. And how he longs to return, through this beneficent power of the womb, to the universal womb of the Divine Creatress, to the universal womb of Mother Earth. And still he runs, ever onwards, addicted to the busy schedules of his office, to the important meetings of his boardroom, to the incessant distraction of his computer, towards the mental excitement of his latest conquest, towards the intricate complications of his newest invention, while the womb, like the earth, ever silently calls him home.

And still he runs, spending billions of dollars crossing the universe to reach the moon, instead of finding true fulfillment through merging with the moon within the universe of his woman’s womb. His purpose is to reach deeply into the fathomless wellspring of this womb space, to enliven and enlighten it with loving heartfelt passion. And his purpose is to burn the past hurts and traumas and sorrows from the concentric layers of these infinite depths, to bring the womb into full consciousness through total surrender to its inherent loving wisdom. This is where his power lies. For he has also forgotten who he is.

He has forgotten and forsaken the true meaning and purpose of the spiritual warrior. And he has forgotten his sacredness and his divinity and his authority and his power to merge into and beyond the deep mystery of the womb. And it is within this deep mystery that he also faces his deepest fears. This is what he most yearns for, most longs for, most desires beyond all else, and yet this is also where he is most afraid to go, into this womb cauldron of passionate fire. When the womb is fully open, the infinite peace of a heart-filled space and a heart-centred embrace enfolds lovers within a glow of profound healing and divine love, so formless, so timeless, so nameless, so wise.

How he longs to disappear into this Universal Mother’s formless void of darkness, to receive the mysterious treasure that She offers from the depth of her womb, to surrender to the subtle yet powerful emanation of her fine vibration of love. And how he fears the truth of her creative sexual power and its awesome capacity to destroy all that he clings to so dearly as real. The pure essence of the womb’s fathomless depths embraces the power to take him and his woman deeply into and beyond their physical bodies, beyond all isolation and separation, deeply into the heart of truth. And this is where both disappear into divine and blissful union within the immortal abyss of the womb’s primordial blackness. It is a privilege and a blessing for a man and a woman to embrace these passionate fathomless depths of the womb as one, beyond all isolation, all separation, all fear.

And when both are living and loving and creating and being harmoniously within the enlivening passion-filled presence of this dark void, this exquisite womb energy, peace will once again reign upon this earth.

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