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Womb of the Earth Part Two
Womb of the Earth Part Two

Written & Illustrated by Roslyne Sophia Breillat

Contemporary western society does not acknowledge the womb’s unique capacity to fully open, take in, receive, nurture, give, transform, transmute and heal.

 For this society abuses, misuses, represses and ignores the exquisitely profound mystery that the womb offers when her spiritual power is passionately and sensitively and openly experienced and loved. This essence of the womb is the essence of the mighty river, of the fathomless ocean, of the whole of the universe, of the whole of the earth. This womb essence is powerful, transformative, cosmic, universal. For this essence embraces love, holds love, radiates love, gives love, receives love, is love. This womb place is the immortal and impersonal feminine well of wisdom. It is the heart of the cosmic mother, of the cosmic lover, of cosmic love. And, infused with the timelessness of the feminine spirit, it changes, it purifies, it rebirths, it renews.

Contemporary western society denies this abundant chalice of feminine wisdom its rightful place and its natural grace upon this beautiful earth. There is no division, isolation or separation within this pure creative female essence of the womb. And yet, the physical womb can harbour concentric layers of these states, as well as suppressed emotions such as resentment, anger, rage and fury towards those who do not see her, perceive her, love her.

We live in a world that invents artificial contraceptive methods that create havoc with a woman’s sensitive hormonal balance and destroy the natural cyclic rhythm of the female body and psyche. We listen to the intellectual dictates of a world where forceps, drugs, elective cesareans and other technical interventions legally violate, rape and plunder a mother’s womb whilst polluting the purity of her natural birthing wisdom. We ignorantly accept this unconscious world where unnecessary hysterectomies and harmful hormone replacement therapy denigrate, degrade and deny a woman’s power and maturity whilst ignoring the innate integrity of her natural menopausal wisdom. We are living in a world dominated by force, greed and misuse of power and not in a world enfolded and embraced by the power of love.

In denigrating the immortal truth of the feminine spirit, we have also forgotten the gentle yet profoundly passionate act of loving and respecting the divine essence of the womb with true passion and humility. For this womb will only become love, and respond in love, when she is actually being loved. Western civilisation treats a woman’s womb merely as a lifeless object, something created for sexual greed, an easily dispensable physical part of her anatomy. It does not treat her womb as one of life’s most powerful, profound and creative mysteries. It drugs, pollutes and destroys this womb at the whim of medical professionals who ignore the ancient wisdom of the feminine body and psyche.

And this natural wisdom inherently knows how to menstruate, make love, become pregnant, give birth and journey through menopause without pharmaceutical prescriptions, artificial contraception and physical intervention. When a woman’s vagina is cut and scraped with sharp cruel scalpels or violated with the penetrating hardness of cold steel forceps, her body becomes traumatised and her womb energy tightens, contracts and closes down because her body’s inherent knowing has been violated, attacked, dishonoured and controlled.

Only the gentle tenderness of true sensitivity and the courageous fire of true passion will illumine, nurture, open, enliven and heal the wounded layers of the traumatised womb. When a woman is given an unnecessary caesarean operation the ancient timeless wisdom of her womb is negated and ignored. The wisdom of her profound female power becomes deadened, dulled and suppressed by toxic drugs. And the mysterious invisible threads that weave her inherent rhythmic connection with the earth and the moon becomes psychically severed. When she is denigrated, mistreated, judged or criticised in any way whatsoever, her womb closes and her feminine mystery becomes clouded with layers of ignorance. And then the sweet and open flowing and flowering of this womb cannot rejoice in her innate ripeness and fullness as a holy temple and sanctuary of love.

The heart of grace rests deeply and peacefully within the sacred portal of every woman’s womb, like a shining jewel, covered with myriad aeons of dishonouring and myriad layers of distrust. But this grace cannot and will not give to and receive from those who treat her with ignorance, force, greed, irreverence, violence or fear. The essence of the womb is a sweet elixir of mystery, profundity and sacredness. And this sweet elixir, this sweet nectar, cannot be sipped and enjoyed unless the golden chalice of the womb’s ancient feminine wisdom is fully replenished, filled to overflowing and loved within a place of open-hearted peace, surrender and trust.

The depth of faith, purity of innocence and beauty of consciousness that true lovemaking bestows is a sacred and spiritual union replaced in our society by sexual entertainment, insidious pornography and lustful greed. This society has replaced the enduring fire of true passion with instant gratification that excites for a short while, burning itself out until it seeks ever more momentary satisfaction. And it has replaced the true heart-centred communion of divine lovemaking with mental and intellectual communication and shallow sexual jokes. We are living in a civilisation where our natural need for true intimacy is feared, suppressed and ignored. And the infinite addictions and distractions offered by this world have replaced the delicious lingering aura of true sensuality and the divine feminine wisdom of the womb.

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