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Anemia Prevention Brew
Anemia Prevention Brew

This brew contains three excellent sources of iron: Nettle, Parsley, and Yellow Dock.

½   ounce  dried  Nettle  leaves
½   ounce  dried  Parsley   leaves
½   ounce  dried  Comfrey  leaves
½   ounce  dried  Yellow  Dock  root
¼  ounce  dried  Peppermint  leaves

Measure herbs and  put  them  into  a  glass  half-gallon juice  jar.  
Pour  boiling  water  in  until the jar  is  totally  full; cover  tightly.  
Steep  for   at  least  eight  hours.

This  brew  contains  three  excellent  sources  of  iron: Nettle,  Parsley,  and  Yellow  Dock.
It  provides  folic  acid from  the  Parsley  and  vitamin  B12  from  the  Comfrey.  
The green herbs  all contribute vitamin C  which  aids iron absorption.  
The  Mint  makes  it   tasty.
Drink  freely,  up  to  four cups a day , for  one week each month.

excerpt from: Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year

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