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Fresh Yarrow tincture
Fresh Yarrow tincture

Look for yarrow growing in fields and meadows.

Harvest only the wild white yarrow. And harvest on a sunny day, in the middle of the day if possible, so the yarrow is strongly scented. For tincture, the flowering tops are the best. (For salves, the larger, lower, basal leaves are preferred.)

I usually cut the top three or four inches of each yarrow plant, doing my best to allow the stalk to reflower by cutting just above a leaf node. I use the stalk, leaves, and flowers in my tincture.

Using scissors, I cut the yarrow stalks and flowers into pieces and fill a jar with them. Then I add 100 proof vodka right up to the top. Lid it tightly. Stick on a pretty label with at least the name of the plant and the date. And wait. The tincture is ready to use in six weeks.

I spray yarrow tincture on my ankles to repel ticks.

I spray it all over myself to repel mosquitoes.

I spray yarrow tincture on wounds and bug bites.

I spray it on my toothbrush and use it as a deodorant.

Yarrow tincture has many more uses. How will you use yours?

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