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Garlic Honey
Garlic Honey

One of my favorite remedies to have on hand for the winter is garlic honey.

 It is super easy to make and ready almost immediately to counter sore throats, colds, the flu, lung congestion, and sinus problems.

I use a smallish jar (4-8 ounces/125-250ml) with a good lid. First I fill it with unpeeled garlic cloves. If I have some tiny onions from the garden, I add those too. Then I pour honey over it all, using a chop stick to poke the honey down into the garlic. After screwing on the lid, I label the jar with the contents and date.

Overnight, so it seems, the garlic and honey combine to create a divine elixir that may be taken by the spoonful right out of the jar.

As it ages, both the honey and the garlic darken. After a couple of months, the garlic is suffused with honey and is lovely to eat.

Garlic honey has never spoiled, no matter how long I have kept it (at room temperature). It is not know to develop botulism. As with all honey, do not give to children less than one year old.

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