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Make A Tincture - Fresh Herb
Make A Tincture - Fresh Herb

"Tinctures are superior when made from fresh plants."

I use tinctures in varied doses, from several dropperfuls at a time, to only a few drops at a time. I take tonic tinctures daily. Others as needed.

Alcohol pulls out more poisonous constituents than water.

Tinctures are superior when made from fresh plants.

These tinctures require fresh plants, no exceptions.

* St. Joan’s wort flower means trouble for viruses and frowns.

* Poke root stirs up the lymphatic and immune systems.

* Bloodroot in tiny amounts counter periodontal disease.

* Motherwort calms anxiety, eases the heart.

* Skullcap eases pain and brings deep sleep.

Fill any size jar to the top with cut-up pieces of fresh, just harvested herb, then add 100-proof vodka, right to the top of the jar.

Lid well, label. Ready to use in six weeks.

excerpt from: Abundantly Well: Seven Medicines

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