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Make An Infused Oil/Fresh Herb
Make An Infused Oil/Fresh Herb

Fresh herbal oil

Oil and animal fat coax a variety of healing compounds out of fresh plants. Dried plants, with a few exceptions, will never make a great oil.

* Calendula oil calms inflammation and irritation.
* Chickweed (pictured) oil softens and dissolves cysts and scars.
* Comfrey oil is tricky from fresh; heals tears and breaks.
* Plantain oil stops itching, hastens deep wound recovery.
* St. Joan’s wort oil eases burns, muscle soreness, nerve pain.

Fill a dry jar almost full with finely-chopped fresh herb, then fill with any edible oil/fat.

Cap tightly. Label (on lid). Put in a small bowl to catch ooze. 
Steep, out of direct sunlight, for six weeks.
Sieve plant material from oil, squeeze well.

excerpt from Abundantly Well: Seven Medicines.

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