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Slippery Elm Balls
Slippery Elm Balls

Great for digestion!

​* Combine slippery elm powder and honey.

* Roll into balls about the size of a hazelnut.

* Roll balls in slippery elm powder to coat.

* Store in a metal tin.

* They stay good for a long, long time, maybe decades.

I store them in a small metal tin; and don't leave home without it.
Slippery elm is so safe that you can dissolve a ball in your mouth as often as you want, any time you feel any distress.
If you’re working with an ongoing condition, at least two a day is good.

Slippery elm restores the lining of the intestines, prevents any agents within the body from disturbing the intestines, and neutralizes any poisons that are present in or around the intestines.

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